About me

Hey! I'm Amy, but y'all can call me Leaf.

I grew up playing Xbox but recently, after my beloved Xbox One got stolen, I purchased and built my very first gaming PC.

I started streaming October 2017 and have completely fallen in love with it.

Aside from gaming, I love drinking tea and binge watching TV shows and horror films.

Sweet words from the Squad

Indescribable: "Not describable; too extraordinary for description". That's how I'm feeling since I joined Amy's stream and her community. I don't have words to describe how important she is to me, how important they are to me, and how much fun I'm having every day either on Stream, or on Discord. Thank you for being the amazing human being that you are, keep it that way and I hope the very best for you in the future Amy!
Amy is a genuine person who makes everyone feel welcome to her streams. She cares for everyone she meets and always has time to talk. She's just an all around great person.
Amy has been a truly wonderful person every time she's streamed. She never hides her real self from her fans, even when ill, tired, or frustrated, and yet she's always endearing! She helps people out, she cares about everyone in her community, and she has created one of the best groups on Twitch! Thanks Amy!
I love Amy because she cares. It shows in everything she does! She genuinely cares about the people who watch her stream. She knows how to make everyone smile and helps me forget about all my problems. She deserves all the good stuff that's gonna come her way and I can't wait to go on the journey with her! She also gives amazing hugs ;)
Amy just brightens up my day whenever I jump into her stream! She is an absolutely amazing person which shines through when she plays games with or for us! She makes me laugh and that means a lot to me! I love her to pieces!
Leaf is an amazing person with a heart that could not be kinder or more welcoming. I am priveleged to be a part of her fantastic community.
Amy's streams are a highlight of my week; she's such a warm welcoming person, and I've made some good friends though her community. I'm glad I stumbled in on her stream.
I discovered BamyLeaf through an Instagram post. She liked a picture of my PC/Stream setup. I jumped into her stream to thank her for the like and never left. She was just starting to get her stream off the ground and was in need of some help with the more technical aspect of streaming. However despite needing a little help technically, I could tell right away she was a natural born streamer/content creator. She has an energy and liveliness that few streamers truly possess. She is great at bringing a smile to almost every person in her chat and making everyone feel special and welcome. I am honored to consider her a friend and fellow content creator.
I don't really have the words to say how important BamyLeaf is to me... When I joined her stream the first time, she was so welcoming, even if i wasn't really good in english. She made me meet so many awesome people over weeks and months. She makes everyone feel important and that's one of the thing i love the most, i'm so proud to be part of this community. I have only one important thing to say, she is the best. Period.
I couldn't have asked for a more awesome and cool mom #2 in the world! Love your streams, love your attitude, love the community that you have built. Thank you for dealing with all the crazy shit that I say! XD. Best wishes for your future plans with your job.
So I'm fairly new to Amy's streams but they are already something I look forward to each day, such a wonderfully friendly and positive person I always feel welcome to each and every stream. The community she has really shows just how much she cares for people and I'm glad to be a part of it!
You brighten everyone's week with your streams. Rito forever!
I only started coming recently but Bamy and the community are super welcoming and friendly, lunch times are fun again hurrah!
Bamy is always happy and bubbly, which always raises my spirits. She's also silly, humble and genuinely encourages her community to participate, and the community she has cultivated are genuinely good people. She's a great person to spend time with. Thanks, Bamy. :)
Been there since the start, even though i can't catch many streams these days I'm always welcomed back with a great community and Amy as friendly as ever.